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PF2 series

Characteristic Good Flatness Good Thickness Uniformity Easy to glue Low GEL  Application Electronic components antistatic protective bag  Sizes  &  Materials Thickness(µ) : 40 ~ 200 Max width(mm) : 1600 

Release Film

Characteristic Stable release force Excellent tensile strength Excellent flatness Excellent heat resistance  Application Rubber, plastic, FRP, adhesive tape  Sizes  &  Materials Thickness(µ) : 35 ~ 150 Max width(mm) : 1600 Materials: LDPE, HDPE and

PF6 series

Characteristic With self-adhesive, can be added masterbatch  Application LCD Module, ITO glass, PET .. and surface protection  Sizes  &  Materials Thickness(µ) : 50 ~ 150 Max width(mm) : 1300