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Low Gel Film with Excellent Flatness and Surface Tension, Easy to Glue
Excellent flatness, surface tension and thickness uniformity With low gel Applications: wafer dicing, grinding, UV tape and wafer gasket Dimensions: Thickness: 50 to 200 µ Maximum width: 1,300mm Material: polyolefin Customized designs are welcome
Low Gel Adhesiveless Protective Films, Customized Designs are Welcome
Characteristics: Self-adhesive protective film with stable adhesion Low gel Excellent flatness Applications: LCD module ITO glass PET and surface protection Sizes: Thicknesses: 50 to 150µ Maximum width: 1,300mm Colors: blue green nature color Material: polyolefin Custom
UF series
Characteristic Excellent sealing strength Excellent thickness uniformity Low loss in lamination process Excellent flatness  Application Detergents Food supplement package of environmental protection Biscuits and other food packaging  Sizes  &  Material